Distracted Driving - The Most Deadly Killer In Ontario


Distracted driving is killing more and more people every day. During our driver training sessions, we stress the importance of ignoring phones (even hands free phones), and keeping music turned down so you can hear the sounds around you.

All drivers, no matter how experienced, are distracted by passengers or by cellphones. For new drivers, who have to put much more attention into the act of controlling a vehicle, it is often deadly.

This year, the OPP has stated that distracted driving is the main killer on Ontario’s roads. It is more than 30% higher than for impaired driving, which has now slipped to number two position.

To this end, minimum fines will likely double for distracted drivers under new laws that have recently been proposed.

This will change fines in the Ontario Highway Traffic Act from the current levels of $60.00 to $500.00 to the new ranges of $300.00 to $1000.00. It will also result in a three-point demerit.

For new drivers, it may also result in a 30-day licence suspension.

The new laws will impose stiffer fines, similar to drunk driving charges, to people who are convicted of driving while under the influence of drugs.


Distracted Driving Penalties Rise in Ontario

Distracted driving fines to rise again in Ontario – twice in the same year

Similar changes are happening in British Columbia:

Distracted Driving is the second leading cause of driver deaths in BC

Distracted Driving Penalties Increase in BC