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How many times have you heard people talking about getting driving lessons cheap.

In fact, many people will say how they just got their dad/brother/sister/mother/friend/etc. to teach them to drive so that they did not have to pay anything.

And that is much cheaper than paying for a course isn’t it?

Actually, for most new drivers, that is Totally Wrong!

When you look at the total cost of your first few years of driving, it actually costs a young driver more to have someone teach them to drive for free rather than to take a recognized and paid for driving training course from an MTO certified driving school.

How can that be?

In a nutshell, it is all about the insurance that you will pay.

You see, almost all insurance companies in Ontario give a substantial discount for drivers trained at MTO certified driving schools like ours.

Check out this page on Driving Insurance Savings to see.

In the example, the driver taking a certified course will save $2,100.00 in insurance over the first three years of driving. If you pay the full price of our course of $965.00 it is like someone just giving you over $1,100.00 for learning how to drive.

But the best news is that we will usually offer “Seasonal Discounts” for our driving courses. So you will save even more. So check out our driving training courses and schedule page to see when we offer courses, and/or contact us to find out what the next classes pricing is. You will be almost guaranteed to save more than $1,100.00.

So the next time someone says that they saved money by getting a friend to teach them to drive, just enjoy a good laugh at their expense!

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  • Includes Use of Our Vehicles
  • Includes Instructor Evaluation

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