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FAQ - Basic Driver Education (BDE) Course Certification Process

As Per the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO):

Students who enrolled in a BDE program are not issued a paper certificate from their driving school. Your driving school certifies students who have passed all components of a BDE training course on-line. The student has no responsibility to complete anything during this process.

Once the driving school has completed the on-line student certification process, a student’s driver record will be updated via the ministry.

In its simplest steps, this is how it all works:

  • When a student starts the course with a driving school, the school will register them with the MTO’s registration system on-line.
  • Once a student passes the BDE course, the driving school certifies the student with the MTO (This step incurs an MTO fee of $15.00).
  • Once the driving school has certified a student, the student can book their road test.

If you have any questions regarding the BDE Program, please call or email the Ministry of Transportation BDE Contact Line at (416) 235 – 5540 or email at


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