FAQ - How Do I Sign Up For A G1 Exit Or G2 Exit Road Test After I Complete My Driving Lessons?

If you have enrolled in the BDE Course Value Package, G1 Road Test Package, G2 Road Test Package or Use Of Car For Road Test and would like to use our vehicle for your road test, please speak youíre your Driving Instructor, or contact us on our website contact form or phone the number at the top of the mikefishersdrivingschool.com website.

For details on scheduling a road test, please see Scheduling a Road Test with an Ontario Drive Test Centre. If you do not intend to use a our Driving School vehicle for your road test, you can book your exit G1 exit (road test) or G2 exit (highway test) at the closest Drive Test Centre. To book a road test please visit http://www.drivetest.ca/en/book/Book.aspx.

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