Grand Prize Winners From Our Class of October 3, 4 & 13, 14, 2017

As always, our Class G Driving Courses continue to be well attended, with 32 students in our Oct. 3, 4, 13 & 14, 2017 class.

Kaila Macklin, Michael Liscio, and Danielle Crafts each received our grand prize of $305.00 which represents a 50% rebate of their course fee. The other 29 students received gift cards as consolation prizes.

Driver training courses are traditionally boring and mind numbing. Ours are not! The draws are just one of the many different things that we do to help keep our classes alive and interesting.

Just check out our numerous testimonials to hear what our students are saying about us!

Driver Education Class Winner

Kaila Macklin receives her $305.00 winnings.

Driver Training Class Winner

Michael Liscio poses with his $305.00 grand prize draw check.

Driving Course Class Winner

Danielle Crafts is happy to receive her $305.00 check after winning one of the in-class grand prize draws.