MTO Approved Driving Schools Directory

This Directory of MTO Certified Driving Schools of Ontario is presented by Mike Fisher’s Driving School as a service to Ontario Residents trying to find a top quality Driving School where they can take driving lessons.

Did you know that the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario has accredited and monitors over 1052 Driver Education Facilities in the province? That is an astounding number of institutions and instructors who dedicate themselves to teaching new drivers how to safely navigate the roads of Ontario and elsewhere.

Did you know that by taking an MTO-approved Beginner Driver Education Course at a driving school, G1 licence holders may qualify for a four-month reduction in the 12-month minimum G1-licensing period as well as a potential reduction in insurance premiums?

Almost every major insurance company in Ontario will give you such a substantial discount on your insurance. Over a 4 year period, your insurance discount will more than pay back the cost of your training course! Amazing!

In other words, if you are in your teens, and pass an MTO approved Class G Driver Education Course, you are getting it for free. In fact, some students will save more than the cost of the course, so in effect, you are being paid to take an MTO certified Driving Course. How cool is that!

How Do You Choose A Ministry-Approved Driver Education Course?

Not all driving schools offer ministry-approved beginner driver education courses. Look for schools that offer “MTO-approved beginner driver education courses”, or “ministry-approved beginner driver education courses”.

Beginner driving schools in Ontario are regulated by MTO. Choosing a school is a personal choice. Choose carefully: