Ontario Drivers Will See Changes in 2016

City Traffic

2016 will introduce some driving changes, and of course, some fee increases for Ontario Drivers.
Rules of The Road Changes for Drivers:

  • Starting January 1, 2016, drivers must remain stopped at a pedestrian or school crossing until everyone is off the road. Conversely, pedestrians are not allowed to step onto the roadway at any of the above crossings if a vehicle is too close to stop. Since this requires judgment on the part of the pedestrians, drivers must be extra cautious. Drivers know how to walk, but many pedestrians have no experience in driving, so are prone to making mistakes about whether a car can stop in time. Crosswalk or school crossing violations will carry a mandatory 3 demerit points and up to a $500.00 fine. (Note that on a multi-lane road, if a car is already stopped for the crosswalk, you must stop so that the front of your car is equal to or behind the already stopped car. You may be charged if your bumper protrudes ahead of the already stopped vehicle.)
  • These are the types of pedestrian crosswalks covered by the new law.


    Crosswalks at intersections are not covered by the new law.

  • Municipalities are now empowered to chase out-of-province vehicles for a specified range of infractions.
  • Drug Impaired Driving will now carry the same penalties as driving under the influence of Alcohol.

New Fees Associated With Driving:

  • Vehicle permits will be raised by $6.00 per year
  • Farmers are seeing a $17.00 fee increase for small vehicles and a $125.00 increase for large vehicles.
  • There will be a new fee of $50.00 charged to drivers who are brought in for a demerit point review for bad drivers. Of course if you do not pay the fee, your license will be cancelled. Fortunately this should not apply to our alumni because we do not produce bad drivers.
  • Unpaid fine penalty fees will jump by $20.00
  • Municipalities are now able to charge out-of-province vehicles that are caught by red light cameras.