Summer Time Driving Safety

Distracted Driving Statistics Are Alarming

Distracted Driver Stats

Although 99% of drivers think that they drive safely, most of that number admit to doing things that are classified as “distracting” while behind the wheel.

Seventy Six percent of people ate while driving, and fifty four percent talk on phones, or worse yet, text.

Every day, I see drivers chatting away on cellphones, texting, eating food, putting on makeup or shaving and fidgeting with electronic gadgets. It is a shame that these people are not focussed on their driving in any meaningful manner.

We hear a lot about cell phones, both talking and texting, so I will not belabor that point here.

What I would like to focus on is some of the other easily overlooked sins.

I mean, after all, it is coming on to summer time, and what can be better when going to your favorite beach than to stop at a Timmy’s or McDonalds and pick up some quick, tasty junk food to gorge on.

Distracted Driving is Distracted Driving


No matter what the cause, you are much more likely to get into an accident while distracted. Most people are not aware that distracted driving now kills more people in Ontario each year than drunk driving does. Eight out of ten crashes are now attributed to distracted driving.

So what are some of these heinous activities?

From worst to least worst:

  1. Texting
  2. Putting on Makeup
  3. Checking Email
  4. Talking on a Cell phone (hands free or otherwise)
  5. Gawking (at Accidents, Construction or whatever)
  6. Finding the next song on an MP3 player
  7. Fiddling with your GPS unit.
  8. Eating
  9. Drinking a non-alcoholic beverage
  10. Adjusting mirrors
  11. Talking to Passengers (especially a heated discussion)

So lets try to be conscious of these activities and try to keep our minds focussed on our driving this summer.

Nothing will spoil your summer more than a major injury, or death.

putting on makeup

Eating and texting

Adjusting Radio

Shaving While Driving

talking while driving

Car Full of Kids