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Ontario Passes Improved Road Safety Legislation - June 2, 2015

Press Release “New Rules Will Help Reduce Collisions, Injuries and Fatalities” June 2, 2015 12:30 P.M. – Ministry of Transportation(MTO). Today, Ontario passed the “Making Ontario’s Roads Safer” Act to help make Ontario’s roads among the safest in Canada and the United States. In order to reduce collisions, injuries and fatalities on Ontario’s roads, the […]


Older Drivers Are More Likely To Get Into Collisions While Texting

According to a study done in the United Kingdom, using driving simulators, it was found that older drivers are much more likely than younger drivers to veer out of their lane while texting. This was a surprise to the researchers who had thought that younger drivers would be more susceptible to distractions of this nature. […]


Distracted Driving - The Most Deadly Killer In Ontario

Distracted driving is killing more and more people every day. During our driver training sessions, we stress the importance of ignoring phones (even hands free phones), and keeping music turned down so you can hear the sounds around you. All drivers, no matter how experienced, are distracted by passengers or by cellphones. For new drivers, […]