A Stress Free Way to Learn To Drive.

I was intimidated with all the little things that you have to remember when you are driving. Before taking the course with Mike, my boyfriend offered to teach me. I was a nervous wreck after the first lesson. I had to bail out of the drivers seat because I was shaking like a leaf. I almost decided not to get my licence.

From the time I entered the driving training classroom, I noticed that the environment was relaxed, but no-nonsense was tolerated. We were all there to learn. Mike treats everyone like adults but he also expects you to act like one. Questions were answered simply and concisely, there was never any rambling answers. You can tell that he has been teaching for a long time, because he always had an answer at the tip of his tongue for any situation that people would ask about.

As you take sections of the class training, there are small quizzes and exercises that are used to help re-enforce what you just learned. It really helped me to remember all the key driving material. I was a bit surprised to find that there were homework exercises, but it just makes sense that driver education would have the same basic learning mechanisms that other education would have. That being said, the homework was one of the things that helped us to prepare for the next set of classes, and helped me to retain the material.

The first time I got into a car with Mike, I was nervous. After all, I had had a very bad experience trying to learn from my boyfriend. Within minutes however, Mike put me at ease. He did not rush into getting me onto the street. He spent a few minutes reviewing everything, getting the seat, mirrors and driving wheel adjusted to my height, and then we just talked a bit about what we were going to do and why.

Needless to say, I did well with Mike’s approach, and I got my licence.

I would recommend him to anyone.

Sandy Verdechia

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