I Learned Stuff About Cars

I expected to cover all the basics of driving, but I was surprised that Mike covered some car maintenance basics during class. Changing a tire, checking oil, and getting gas were all covered. More importantly, he also spent time emphasizing to us that different vehicles have different issues that can lead to accidents. The most important is that there are many cars on the road with large blind spots.

He showed us how to set our mirrors to minimize any blind spots. I have not ever heard of anyone else telling a person to set mirrors the way he showed us. In fact, I have looked online, and I can honestly say, most of the sites that show you how to set rear view mirrors on cars are just wrong. I showed my dad who has been driving for 25 years, and he was amazed at how much better it works. It just makes sense for each mirror to have a different but somewhat overlapping view of the road behind and to the sides of the car.

This is only one example of some of the interesting things that I learned.

The best thing is that all this extra knowledge helped me pass my G1 Exit test and my G2 exit tests on the first try.

Brian Rhodes

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