I Really Learned Safe Driving Techniques

Mike Fisher put a lot of time and effort into driving safely in both the classroom training and the driving lessons. On a regular basis in the classroom he would ask questions as to what you would need to do in various situations to be safer.

One particular technique that I use a lot is to better position your car in the intersection when waiting to make a left hand turn so you can better see on-coming traffic. I have avoided a couple of situations now where I might have been T-boned if I did not know what he showed us.

The key thing that he emphasizes is anticipating other drivers. In effect, you try to think about what you would do if they did something stupid. If they do something rash, then you already have your escape path planned.

I know that I am a much better driver than I would have been if I had not taken a course from Mike.

Darlene Prevost

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