I Wish I Had Gone With Mike First!

If you can believe it, I had to renew my beginner’s licence because my first one had expired, and I still did not know how to drive. I had fluked two road tests and was pretty discouraged. All because I was trying to save money by having other people teach me.

All I got was terribly confused. Each one of them would tell me things that often contradicted what one of the others had told me. I did not know who to believe.

Once I got in Mike’s classroom I was amazed at all the misconceptions that I had. But Mike dealt with all of them. Many of them he brought up because other students he had taught in the past had similar points of confusion. Others were because of questions from students.

He was calm and patient when I was driving on the road, and he would take me on practice road tests every couple of lessons so that we could both be sure what it was I already knew. It was a great way to learn.

The best thing is that, once I trained with Mike, I got my licence the next time I tried.

Evelyn Shoust

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