Passed my G2 Driving Licence Test on my First Try!

I was a little bit intimidated by the whole process of getting my drivers licence. I am not mechanically inclined, and somehow I thought that you had to be like a mechanic to drive a car. Maybe that is because my dad always drove junkers that he was always fiddling with.

When I got into the class, I was surprised that the material was presented in a very straightforward manner. Mike has great technique in the classroom by getting the key points across so that you remember them. There were even some simple in-class exercises that we did to re-enforce what we had just learned. So everything just sort of stuck in my head.

In the car, Mike was the picture of patience. I am such a klutz most of the time, but he was very nice about getting me to settle down and focus on the act of driving. He helped me to see that one of the secrets of being a good driver is to anticipate what would happen if other drivers made a mistake, like cutting me off or something like that. The more time I spent behind the wheel, the more comfortable I became. Pretty soon, handling the car was almost like second nature.

Every couple of lessons, Mike would run me through a simulated road test so he could better assess if there was something that I had not mastered yet. Then we practiced that item until I had it cold. It is really a great way to do things. It is just like doing chapter tests in school so you can be sure that you understand the material before the final exam.

It all worked though, and I can honestly say that with Mike’s training, I got my G2 licence on my first try!!

Sharon Johnson

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