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Driving Lessons for Cheap

Save a bundle on your Driving lessons. We offer the most cost effective driver training in the Peterborough, Cobourg and Port Hope areas.

Driving Lessons Cheap

Major price reductions on your driving lessons. While other schools will charge as much as $964.00 or more for a driving course, ours are hundreds of dollars less.

Cheap Driving Lessons

Get your driving lessons at the cheapest rates possible! Not only are our rates less expensive, but over 95% of our students consistently pass on their first try on the drivers exam. This means that almost all of our students do not need to pay for any follow up training. We do it right the first time.

Cheap Driver Training

Nobody has cheaper driver training than we do! Our cost per passed exam is consistently cheaper than other schools. Not only are our rates super competitive, but our students almost never need re-testing.

Cheap Driving Schools

We guarantee that you will not find another driving school with prices as cheap as ours. With a couple of our competitors, you may think that you are paying less, but their pass rate is so abysmal that you end up having to take extra instruction. That means that you often end up paying much more than you do with us.

Cheap Driver Education

You get cheap driver education with us because we will show you how to drive to achieve the lowest cost of driving for your lifetime. Our courses emphasize safety at all times. That means that our students have less accidents, and that means lower lifetime insurance rates.

Cheap Driving Instruction

Our driving instruction results in the cheapest possible cost to you. Typically our students will save not only on the initial cost of training, but they also save because they do not require retraining for failed exams, and they will save on their car insurance for a lifetime because of the specific skills learned.

Cheap Driving School

Mike Fisher’s Driving School is the cheapest alternative to all other schools in the greater Peterborough, Cobourg, and Port Hope areas. Just because the advertised price is less expensive does not mean that the price you end up paying to get your drivers license is less overall. On average, we are much cheaper than our lowest cost competitors, and much, much less expensive than our higher cost competitors.

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