FAQ - How does Graduated Licensing in Ontario Work?

Graduated Licensing in Ontario Explained

What Classes of G License Exist in Ontario?

The official MTO page of license classes is here: http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/dandv/driver/classes.shtml

The following is copied from the Class G section of the MTO License Classes Page.

What is considered to be a class G vehicle?

A class G vehicle (for the purpose of a class G operators license) is any car, van or small truck or combination of vehicle and towed vehicle up to 11,000 kg provided the towed vehicle is not over 4,600 kg, but not, a motorcycle or motor assisted bicycle; a bus carrying passengers; or an ambulance in the course of providing ambulance service as defined in the Ambulance Act.
Note that as of July 1, 2011: A Recreational Vehicle towed by a pick up truck may exceed 4,600 kg.

What is a G1 level of Licensing?

G1 Level 1 of graduated licensing explained.
Holders may drive Class G vehicles when accompanied by a fully licenced driver with at least four years of driving experience. Note that Additional conditions apply.

What is a G2 level of Licensing?

G2 Level 2 of graduated licensing explained.
Holders may drive Class G vehicles without accompanying driver but are subject to certain conditions.
G2 Conditions:
The number of young passengers that teen G2 drivers can carry will be limited from midnight to 5 a.m.
Initially, G2 drivers 19 or under can carry only one passenger aged 19 or under.
After the first six months, and until the G2 driver earns a full G licence or turns 20, they can carry only three passengers aged 19 or under.

What is a G level of Licensing?

G Level of Licensing Explained.
Class G License Holders may drive Class G vehicles without an accompanying driver, and are not subject to any special conditions.

Our courses are focused on the G or general level of driver training. We do not train commercial drivers or motorcycle drivers.

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