FAQ - How To Get Lower Car Insurance Rates

If You Are A Driving School Student or Graduate You Can Get Reduced Insurance Rates

Here’s How!

Go to this link, SR-LC-112E, fill out the form online and print the form, (or just print the blank form and fill it out by hand), and take it to a Service Ontario office near you. Alternately, you can just go to the nearest Service Ontario office, ask for the above document, and fill it out there.

This form (SR-LC-112 2012/05), is a request to get your DLH form sent to you.
In Section C, you will check the first box (Driver Licence History Search (Which is the Proof of Beginner Driver Education Course Completion for your Insurance Company)).

The DLH form itself is not available on-line. The driving school does not have a copy of the DLH form. Do not confuse the DLH form with a “Drivers Abstract’, which is entirely different.

The DLH form that Service Ontario creates will cost you about $12.00, and that form is what you take to your insurance company for an insurance rebate.

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