Is Your Driving School MTO Approved?

Many new drivers fall into the trap of signing up at non-MTO approved driving schools thinking that somehow it will save them money.

This is false economy because:

  • They are unlikely to get good quality instruction
  • They cannot get any discounts from their car insurance company

Both of these are very important. If a driving instructor is not approved, you have absolutely no way of knowing whether what they are telling you is correct. That could mean repeated tries at passing your G1 or G2 exit tests. This ends up wasting your time, and likely whatever money you thought you saved in the first place.

Taking a course from an MTO certified driving school like ours may result in a substantial reduction in your driving insurance rates at most insurance companies. Almost all of our graduate students find that, the insurance savings are more than what they paid for our driving school fees.

You do not have to take any schools word for it. To be sure, click on this link to find a list of all the MTO approved driving schools in Ontario.

Driving School fraud is a big problem in Ontario. If you want to read more about it, just, see this article.