Sharing the Road With Bicycles

In September 2015, Ontario enacted legislation in an attempt to make the road safer for people on bicycles.

Drivers need to take heed of some of these changes:

  1. All drivers of motor vehicles are required to maintain a minimum distance of one metre, where practical, when passing cyclists on highways. The penalty for not leaving a minimum one-metre passing distance is a set fine of $85.00 plus a $5 court fee plus a $20 victim surcharge fine for a total payable of $110.00. Contesting such a ticket in court may result in a $500.00 fine and a 2 demerit point charge.
  2. Persons who improperly open or leave opened the doors of motor vehicles on highways face increased penalties (commonly known as “dooring”). The new penalties for improper opening of a vehicle door (for driver or passenger) are a set fine of $300.00 upon conviction and 3 demerit points. The total payable fine is $365.00 ($set fine plus $60 victim fine surcharge and $5 court costs). Note that this fine also applies to other vehicles as well, not just bicycles.

dooring a biker